Out-Of-Band update for Oracle JRE 8u301
8/9/2021 1:30:39 PM by System Account  

Dear CERN user,

According to OTG0065450,

  • If your machine doesn't have Oracle JRE installed
  • If you don't use a CERN, Java based web application such as BAAN, Oracle HR, GESMAR.
  • If you didn't saw a warning about a certificate issue when you tried to open the web application you are using on daily basis
You can SAFELY ignore this alert and close it, otherwise, please read the next.

vf en bas


Dear colleague,

An important update to Oracle JRE will be proposed to all NICE workstations, which already own a previous installation of this product, today (Monday, 9th of August 2021).

No reboot is required for this update.

Feel free to launch the installation at the best moment for you from today by clicking on the CMF icon at the bottom right of your screen and selecting 'Start Now' in CMF Pending actions.

This is strongly recommended if you recently experienced a certificate issue with a CERN web application which is using Java Runtime Environment.

You can find more details on each of the packages under the following links:

If you want to learn how to schedule the installation at the moment which is least disturbing for you, please visit the following page:


Best regards,

The NICE Team


Cher(e) collègue,

Une importante mises à jour touchant Oracle JRE sera proposée à toutes les machines NICE, disposant déja d'une version antérieure du produit, aujourd'hui (lundi 9 aout 2021).

Aucun redémarrage n'est requis.

Vous pouvez lancer l'installation au moment de votre choix en cliquant sur l'icone de CMF, en bas à droite de votre bureau, et en choisissant "Start Now" dans la liste des actions en attentes de CMF.

Cette action est particulierement recommandée si vous utilisez une application WEB du CERN reposant sur la technologie JAVA.

Plus de détails concernant le contenu:

Pour savoir comment planifier l'installation au moment qui vous convient le mieux, merci de lire la page:



L'Equipe NICE